Drum Roll Please!

Tahdah! Here it is: the 'definitive' calendar!

I am the first to admit that nothing is definitive, and I will be tweaking it every now and then, but the Foodie's Calendar will be a useful guide for everyone. The Calendar will steer you towards seasonal -and therefore, often less expensive, always fresher- produce, and will serve as a reminder for when local foods are available. Some of the foods listed are not local by any means -some, in fact, are imported from very far away, but are still lovely seasonal treats, so I listed them anyway.
The Calendar is based on southern Quebec and Ontario's season, since I am most familiar with them, but it can be applied all across Canada: the greatest variations will occur at the beginning and end of the growing season. In British Colombia, the season usually begins about 2 to 4 weeks earlier, and can end up to 2 months later. The  season in the Atlantic provinces usually starts 3 weeks later, but ends more or less at the same tim…

Under Construction

The whole point of A Foodie's Quest was "to map out the calendar for Canadian produce". Well, it's been a long time coming, but I am working on it. So please be patient for a little while longer.